I really love Ramadan because it is a month where all of Angels in the world can be felt walking around.  It is a really amazing month because when I was younger I remember the quality family time that we shared.

I remember eat amazing food that my auntDressed upy would cook and my cousins would sometimes visit and eat with us.  There was a lot of amazing things thAt we would do like go shopping for food as a family. Every year my mum would ask us what food we would like to eat and she would buy it for us.

I remember all of the fruit that she would leave out and I remember all the Samoa’s she would make last minute. I remember the things she would do like we would all sit down and swatch tv together. I remember all thee amazing foods like dates and fruit. We had many different juices on the table.

We had a lot of things like different nice table cloths at the table where different food  like rice and lamb and chicken were all on the table . Sometimes we would get food from food outlets like Pizza Hut, and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

There was a lot of things like the food that my mum would teach me to make which was definitely memorable. There was something’s like I remember once year in Ramadan I sat with my aunty to make Samoa’s where I remember making Samoa’s for the first time with meat. Samoas and meet is very popular. It’s really weird because when I grew older we got Samoas that we would cook from frozen.


Amal Idriss; My Life

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. I am a young girl who has been interested in art more specifically her entire life.

When I was young my parents paid for my school fees; the both believed that education was a big part of my growth.

I grew up in a big family of three brothers and two sisters. We all grew up with our own interests and hobbies.

When I was young I would doodle in books thinking about facinating ideas that I had about growing up in a working class community.

My father worked in a hospital and sat at the reception. He was amazing and warm person.

He pasted good rest his soul. After he died, I took at interest in calligraphy and design. This became the foundation of operating my business; Idriss Publishing House Ltd.

I later began investing in all kinds of equipment for example typewriters, cameras and marketing promotional material.

The first time that I ever thought about writing a book was after the passing of my aunty. She had many nephews and nieces that were very dear to me.

I loved her dearly; she was the most inteeintere person in the world to me. She was a twin; a non identical twin born in Boorama, Somaliland.

She had a stubborn and outgoing personality. I did everything in my life to strive to be like her. Her name was 11830110_10153055887559033_622370643_n


I also have a many cousin who are mostly older than me. When I was growing up. I have many fond memories when my family when to visit them. My uncle was an outstanding member of the community. So he had a ranch with horses and on Fridays we would go horseback riding.

My favourite memory is when my cosuin Rahman took me shopping in the city of Djibouti. It was really fun because there was so many amazing things that about Djibouti for example the beach. I will always remember the smell of Djibouti and the beautiful sandy beaches.





Maarkeey Hooreey: Somaliland

Maarkeey Hooreey; Somaliland is a book which is written about the ways of life in Somalia. Both historically and even more recently. The ways of life is Borama Somaliland is very difficult because of conflict and poverty.


Historically oppression has existed in Somalia. It is a growing social problem. There are some social problems for example the way in which conflict areas are high populated as well as it’s citizens highly vulnerable.

Amal Idriss

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